Why Dare2Care Foundation was started?

  • To give other premature and new-born babies in the special care-unit of FMC Umuahia in Nigeria chances to survive after being born, just in the same way as Jonathan’s and Nicoline’s son Miracle, as well as to give recognition to donors who are willing to participate in the vision of the Foundation.
  • By daring to care for the welfare of others the founders want to respond to the clarion-call to take action and bring about positive change in the new –born babies special care unit of FMC Umuahia in Nigeria.
  • The founders of Dare2Care Foundation want to use their privileged influence as Dutch citizens to work with others to solicit, gather and deliver resources in order to help children born in the FMC Umuahia to survive and live after their birth

Mission of the Foundation

  • To bring to light the dilapidated structure in FMC Umuahia and its medical inadequacy.
  • To demonstrate the reality in their shocking experience and the contrast between standards in FMC Umuahia with their European experience.
  • To reach out to premature babies and less privileged new-born children in FMC Umuahia and to help them survive birth and early life.
  • To work with FMCU authorities and other interested individuals, groups, companies and institutions to realize the objective of Dare2Care Foundation.

Vision of the Foundation

  • To work towards and achieving sustainable medical, professional and material excellence in medical and care delivery on a long term basis to FMC Umuahia and beyond.
  • To stand as advocates for the cause of helping to save the lives of and to provide basic care to new-born and premature children in FMC Umuahia and beyond.

Objective and purpose of the Foundation

  • The Foundation organizes talk sessions where donors and guests are informed about the difficult experiences mothers and their children encounter at the FMC in Umuahia, Nigeria.
  • The Foundation appeals for donations of funds, hospital items and goods, intangible resources and professional personnel either by phone calls, one-on-one requests, e-mails, texts or through the social media.
  • The Foundation keeps the communities and public aware through flyers and its website about its activities including updates about their donations of hospital items, funds and the delivery of their donations to FMC Umuahia.
  • The Foundation collects the donations and the resources, packages them, arranges their shipments, delivery and distribution in FMC in Umuahia.
  • To work with FMCU authorities and other interested individuals, groups, companies and institutions to realize the mission, vision and objective of Dare2Care Foundation in FMC Umuahia.
  • To create an opportunity through which the Dutch society and outside world are informed of the variety of life threatening difficulties faced by new- born children and premature babies in FMC Umuahia.


  • At the Federal Medical Center in Umuahia, Nigeria, premature born children from 0 to 1 year olds are the targets for the Foundation. Beyond these group are the orphans and the less privileged inner community children.
  • Mothers of newly born babies and sick children are also included in the Foundation’s target group.


  • The is a clear difference between mandatory medical insurance practice in the Netherlands and lack of it in Nigeria. In the Netherlands medical insurance coverage is considered as fundamental and prerequisite for work, earning, medical care, pension and other existence related concerns.
  • Because medical insurance is considered as primary right in the Netherlands, the result is reflected effectiveness and efficacy of drugs, the attentive attendance by medical professionals to patients and efficiency of the overall structure. In FMC Umuahia professionals are constrained by lack of modern medical and diagnostic equipment and materials. There are too many hierarchical and bureaucratic structure in place limiting efficiency. Decision making is slow. Budget is unduly unavailable and infrastructure is set back by many years behind in comparison with the Netherlands.
  • Effective monitoring is lacking in FMC Umuahia. Facilities and drugs are less frequently updated and the disparity in medical delivery is visible between the small-size, one-man business private and less hierarchical hospitals and massive government controlled top-down medical edifice such as FMCU.

Working principles or values

  • As parents-run NPO, Dare2Care Foundation is founded on the principle of risking for others’ children and helping others at the expense of oneself.
  • It operates under the ethos of bridging gaps and eliminating cultural, ethnicity, cast, family, social influences and to give back to society.
  • It works on the premise of being compassionate and to pursue a just cause for humanity by daring to care for someone without considering bond, affiliation, relationship, financial or material gains.
  • It values child development and care and cherishes family values